We are a not-for-profit provider of specialist disability accommodation and community housing.


We build multi-bed group homes of contemporary design that comply with NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation standards. These are group homes built for people who meet the criteria for NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation funding. We also build or refurbish existing group housing for people without need for specialist design features. We can build and sell to groups of people who want to live together, however most often we hold ownership of the property and offer rental accommodation to individuals or enter into a head lease arrangement with Supported Independent Living service providers.  


We partner with a third party agent to manage rental and maintenance of homes we retain ownership of.


Home Base Services Limited is our formal registered business name, and we are a wholly owned subsidiary company of Mind Australia Limited. We retain our independence and have our own board of directors.


We were incorporated in 2017, and began operations in 2018.